Archery frustrations

Been doing this a few months now and I suck. Dropped the sights and went barebow, mostly shooting at 20m. However, most of the arrows go in at the two o’clock position.
Tried shooting at 30m and 50% fell low, but for some reason inline. Also have developed the annoying habit of hitting my nose with the string a few times a session.

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Archery Continuation - Session 1

Okay after four days training, I decided to make archery ‘officially’ a hobby. I’ve got me bow, got me arrows, plus got a ton of other bits and pieces (not entirely sure how to use these bits yet), it’s pissing it down with rain, but I am off down the range to find out how much I have forgotton.

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Archery Continuation - session 1 part 2

Points to note

Still a begineer - there are lots of things you don’t know and need to sort out:

  • Get familiar with your equipments stats - riser size, limb length, draw weight, brace height, number of twists in the string, and so on. Not knowing these when you have spend a few hundred on equipment makes you look a little foolish.
  • Not forgetting things like your finger tab / bracer / quiver belt
  • Line up on the target - this is harder than you think when the target is 30 meters away
  • Remembering proper form ** Relaxed hand on the bow ** Pushing with your bow ** Pointing with your thumb ** Anchoring correctly ** Drawing elbow high ** Don’t collapse your arms ** Don’t move your hand away from your face but follow through on release
  • 30m is a long way
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day and everything will take time
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Archery Training Days 3 and 4

Archery Training at Knebworth House with the Green Dragons

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Green Dragon Archery

Discovered I am left eye dominant so need to start to train myself to use my left hand to release the arrow. This is going to be ‘fun’. Day 1 hit the target each time when working with right hand, Day 2 missed a lot, and had the arrow fouling on release.

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The Mouse Trap at Martin Lane Theatre

Okay, took a while to get going. Easier to guess in second half.

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Sub 30

Week 20 run 2 - finally did it. A few seconds under the 30 minute mark for the 5k.

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Just another diary entry

  1. Got the pi sorted out with
  2. Headless setup
  3. Disable SSH passwords
  4. Ethernet only
If you want to disable both wifi and bluetooth on the Pi3, you need to add these 2 lines to */boot/config.txt*. 
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c25k stuff

  • Tomorrow’s the last run
    • Getting faster - I think since I now know distances
      • 1st 30mins - 3k
      • 2nd 30mins - 3.25k
    • Need to start running with pacing
    • Can we do photos and quotes for c25k?
  • Cakes are still a problem
  • Seen builder #1, number 2 - tomorrow
  • Also seeing family in town for lunch (hopefully)
  • Need to take photos for twistedyarns later
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Helpful links

For future references when developing Jekyll having the following pages open is very useful

  • Liquid syntax - https://shopify.github.io/liquid/
  • Jekyll Variables - https://jekyllrb.com/docs/variables/
  • A good markdown reference - https://guides.github.com/features/mastering-markdown/
  • Regex - https://dev.to/emmawedekind/regex-cheat-sheet-2j2a
  • Gmail - for GitHub build errors
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  • All things considered (feeling under the weather) yesterday’s run was good. 28 mins and didn’t feel to bad throughout.
  • Finally organised my music for the run too. 30 ish minutes of running tracks, with warm up and celebration warm down.Screenshot of Google Play Music Running Playlist
  • Added Categories to the post and front pages
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Things done on Sunday Feb 17th 2019

  • Can now add images to blog from Google Photos (see 2019-02-17-imagetest)
  • Kinda sorted out the categories in the sidesbars and category pages
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first post

Today has been fun

  • Tidied house
  • Changed all the beds
  • Broke window support
  • Climbed dodgy ladder to fix window support
  • Got Jekyll now working - didn’t like layout so took ages to get Lanyon working - mainly because of CNAMES and redirection issues (4G is okay - wifi is still suffering)
  • Fixed hob ignition (turn off for 10 minutes and then turn on again)
  • Cinema with C1 (Lego Movie 2 - pretty )
  • Sorted C1’s veruca out (really fun)
  • All this whilst feeling a bit ill - Jog yesterday was HARD - Monday might be worse. Have to see.
  • Watched ST Discovery S2E4
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