So you found my little corner of the Net where I pour out my soul in proses, poetry and photographs.

Nah. That doesn’t sound like me - this is just a place for me to play around with a Jekyll Now / Lanyon / Hyde blog before I get bored with it and go back to Wordpress.

About me

During the day I work as a software tester, which depending on your point of view means:

  1. I tap / click around the screen until something breaks …or…
  2. I’m responsible for making sure software does what it should …or…
  3. I crush devs’ hopes and dreams into tiny itty bitty pieces …or…
  4. I find bugs …or…
  5. I try to help people think about the quality of what they are designing, building and testing.

The truth is probably up there, somewhere.

The rest of the time I try to distract the pedantic, fault-finding part of myself by shooting arrows, taking photographs, playing with technology and jogging.

Contact me

If you want to get hold of me, the best place is DMing me on Twitter. Where I go by @whatie

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